Wild & Woman Perfume

—Jane is our Child of Nature. Like a nymph in the wind, with the subtle softness of morning dew- Jane is our Santal blend. She is both connected and resilient to everything around her. A fuller woodsy scent with a soft musk finish.

-The rebel. Amber knows how to have a good time with no apologies. She inspires others, leaving everyone in awe of how she presents herself. She is never conforming to any terms. She is confident and she is effortless. Sensual, clean, and light. Base Notes: Ambergris.

-The island wahine. She’s part water, mother, and originator. Malia embodies the magnificence of a Hawaiian sunset, setting both your heart and the horizon ablaze. She is both a peaceful and powerful inspiration. A sweet floral scent with a coconut finish.  Base Notes: Birds of Paradise, Coconut Blossom, and Tuberose. Carrier: Jojoba Oil.

-NAOMI is our girl next door. She is our answer to subtle sweetness that is wholesomely down-to-earth, supportive, and approachable. Soft notes of pear and peach blossom finished with notes of vanilla and cashmere will envelope you with a warm hug. A subtle fruity scent with a soft vanilla finish.

The Traveler. From beaches to trails Dylan is naturally kissed by salt and sand. She’s always exploring. Always open. She's the most independent woman in the room yet she makes an effortless connection with others. A slightly sweet and softly citrus scent. Base Notes: Bergamot, Orange Zest, and Lily of the Valley.